What Information Can You Get From a Vehicle History Report?

A vehicle history report can be obtained for any vehicle that comes with a VIN number. The information that you can obtain from this report is important, especially if you are contemplating buying a new-to-you vehicle. You can find out all kinds of things from the vehicle history report, including:

  • Whether the vehicle was deemed to be a lemon at any point
  • Past maintenance performed on the vehicle
  • The accident history of the vehicle, and the extent of the damage
  • You can learn if there are any current liens on the vehicle, or what the past liens have been.
  • Aside from accidents, you can also find out if the air bags deployed at any time during the vehicle's existence

All of this information can help you paint a very thorough picture of what a vehicle has been through. Some models have a very clean and simple vehicle history report. Some have information that is questionable. We here at Helena Honda can help you sort through this information and show you around our extensive inventory of new Honda cars and used cars for sale.




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