Important Tips for Reducing Distracted Driving

The instances of distracted driving accidents appear to be rising each year. Reduce the chance of you becoming a part of the statistics by taking some of these precautions, as suggested by the Helena Honda sales team.

Stop using the rear-view mirror in the car to finish up your grooming needs as you run late in the morning. Get up earlier and finish at home - don't use the car as your bathroom. Leave the hair combing, applying of makeup, and using lip gloss, for when you are safe inside your house and not driving your car.

Before the car moves into drive, get yourself comfortable. Move the seat, adjust the mirrors, turn on the radio, set the GPS, and adjust the temperature controls, long before the car begins rolling down the highway so that you'll be less distracted.

You can also select a new Honda vehicle equipped with convenience features that make your next outing a more enjoyable and hands-free experience. Come test drive a new car at Helena Honda that's packed with safety features for keeping you safe on the highway.




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