Helena Honda Customer Testimonials

I would like to congratulate you on two top notch employees in the Service Department:  Nathan and Howard.


I was in last week for what I consider a costly repair (maintenance).  I researched what Howard quoted me (others in town, a mechanic in Bozeman, the dealership in Bozeman, and a nationally known auto mechanic in Orlando, Fl).  Not only were your prices the best, but Howard was more than patient with all my questions and my couple of phone calls. The service was fast and Howard was very pleasant, patient, and explanatory.


Nathan - I had met previously, when I came in with some questions about how to work some things in the car.  He was more than helpful and knowledgeable.  He also has quite a sense of humor.


It turned out to be, yes, costly because I’m not convinced that I needed the service done; but Honda suggests that I should have it done; but it was less painful due to Nathan and Howard! 

Shelley L.